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Most of our customers think of Sterling as their IT department. We work to understand your business requirements and then map the correct technologies to meet those requirements.

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We understand technology, and since we are a business, we also understand all the “other” stuff that needs to get done to keep your business in operation. We have many years of experience in mapping technological solutions to meet the needs of the business. Technology itself is useless if it does not address the business requirement that needs it. Call us – we listen first, make sure we understand, and then we will work with you to implement the best solution for your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT consulting?

While there are many shared qualities between businesses, each business is in many ways unique. IT consulting can be many things depending on the business. It may just be a short discussion on existing technology a company has implemented, to get an understanding of where that technology, or vendor is going. At the other end of the scale, it could be a full review of potential solutions for a major business function (client retention software, accounts payable, inventory, etc.) including recommendations, cost and resource requirements, as well as project timeline. As such small projects may be charge on a per diem basis while largers projects may be provided via a fixed price proposal. 

Does it cost anything to get a consultation?

No, we provide an initial consultation meeting free of charge. Once we understand what you are looking to achieve, we will provide you a proposal that outlines activities, timneline and expected costs (excluding any changes in project scope, or unforseen delays, etc.). You can review the proposal, request changes prior to your accepting it. Even after accepting it, we understand that things change. And of course we ensure that you are kept up to date on progress on a regular basis.