Cloud Services

Sterling can host your data, applications, email and Voice PBX in our Cloud. You get piece of mind knowing everything is secure, updated, and backed-up in real time. 

Getting Started

Migration to Cloud Hosting

Migrate your company’s IT applications and servers to the Sterling Cloud. Regardless of your business, Sterling Cloud Services can ensure that;

  • Your data is kept protected, secure, and located in Canada,
  • Updates, patches and fixes are automatic
  • Backups of your data and applications are automatic too
  • You and your team can access everything anywhere, from any device securely

Allow Sterling Cloud Services to show you how you can reduce the burden of trying to manage in-house IT and save money by migrating to the cloud.

Cloud Storage

Virtual Desktops

Secure & Safe


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "cloud"?

The “cloud” is a group of physical servers, which can be running many virtual servers on each physical server. These can be replicated across multiple secure locations (called data centres) so that full redundancy is ensured. Access to the cloud is provided through secure encrypted connections over the Internet from wherever the customer happens to be.

How safe/secure is data on cloud services?

Your data is more secure in the cloud than it can ever be on your local premise. In the cloud infrastructure, much more sophisticated (and hence expensive) security solutions can be implmenented since the cost is being spread out over more users. Sterling uses the strongest possible solutions for Firewall, Malware detection, Ranson-ware protection, hacker and intrusion detection etc.. Our security is equivalent to what large enterprises would implement. This is far more than the typical small business can afford. Beyond this, your data is also housed in secure facilities with strict access control, survellance systems, monitoring, etc. This is why more and more small businesses are moving their IT to the cloud.

How does cloud services lower my business cost?

Cloud services spread the cost of running a large data infrastructure over many many customers. With the advent of virtual machines (think a virtual PC that coexists along with many other virtual PC’s, all located on one physical server) the cost of turning up a virtual PC is very cheap. If your virtual PC needs more memory for new applications, we just allocate additional memory to it on the fly and you are ready to go. Same with disk space and processors. Security is another example – we have Enterprise grade security solutions that we apply to everyone’s small business IT infrastructure. 

Now, rather than having to upgrade your laptop every 2 to 4 years, we can make it last 10 years because your actual processing isbeing done in the cloud so all your local PC is doing is acting as a screen, keyboard and mouse for what you are doing on your Virtual PC in the Cloud. You no longer need expensive server machinces on your premise, nor expensive backup solutions. They are all in the cloud.

Is cloud services only for large businesses?

Absolutely not. The biggest cost savings are for small organizations, especially when you consider that when you move to the cloud, you get far stronger security and backup services than you could ever afford for just your office. Most customers see 30% to 50% savings when they move to the Cloud, depending on when they would need to upgrade PC’s, server’s phone systems, etc.. That’s hard costs. Also factor in soft costs such as needing a server to test new software for your business – we can turn up a virtual machine for you to run for a few weeks that is a small fraction of the cost of having to buy a test system. We can turn up virtual PC’s if you have a need to bring in temporary contractors for a large project and turn them off when you are done.

The biggest benefits by far are for Small business.