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Put our experience to work for you. Build a strong foundation by beginning with the quality names you know and trust. We can supply all your business IT needs.

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We understand that your IT infrastructure needs to run as uninterrupted as possible which is why we only sell quality parts and components from reputable vendors. Our experience working with businesses across a broad spectrum of industries has enabled us to provide consistently reliable IT solutions and products with options to fit any budget.

Looking for something specific? In addition to supplying standard “off the shelf” solutions and products we also have worked closely with our vendors to produce our own line of desktops and servers composed of best in class components fully customizable to suite your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I keep the hardware I buy?

Good question! It really depends on how long you typically depreciate computer equipment for, and also what you will be using it for. A typicaly depreciation is 3 to 4 years for computers. However, an i5 machine with a solid state drive and 8 gigs of RAM that is used for typical word processing, email correspondance and web applications could last 5 years or more. We can help you size the hardware correctly to maximize your investment.

What does a typical computer cost?

That is a tricky question. The price for a computer ranges depdning on what you are specifying as the internal components. More powerful processors (i7 or i9 from Intel as an example) drive the price of a PC up significantly. But most applications don’t need that kind of power. Also, don’t forget that you need to buy the operating system (unless it comes bundled, which means you probably paid for it in the bundled price). And DON’T forget Malware and Anti Virus protection. All of these can add up to quite a bit. Then there’s the question additional warranty and if that is worth it. We can provde advice on what you need to buy based on what applications you are running. Give us a call.